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Sunday, April 03, 2005

OK, a quick catchup of Chicago. 24 hours from now I'll be on a plane back to Boston. I'm missing tomorrow's classes to go see opening day White Sox game... I think that's excusable. Yesterday I ate Chicago-style pizza here with a friend from law school who graduated last year and is now working at a firm here. And then I got a copy of a free Chicago paper to see if there was a cool play or movie or improv show to see in the afternoon. There were a couple of choices, and I ended up going to a preview of the Chicago production of Take Me Out, which won a Tony Award when it was in New York, and is about baseball. It was okay. I probably should have read a review first.

And then I spent today at LexThink, where I met cool people like Ernie, Al, Buzz, Matt, Ben, Enrico, and Arnie, among a whole bunch of others. The conference had discussions about all sorts of interesting things, like the disadvantages of hourly billing, how attorneys can improve their relationships with clients, how to market to women differently from men (???), how to incorporate technology into law practice... all interesting.... not the most relevant topics for my life, personally :), but still interesting. It was mostly just kind of cool to meet some people and hear them talk about some of this stuff. I actually have some substantive thoughts on two fronts -- some of the legal issues got me thinking, especially about attorneys and clients and their relationships, and I'll try to write a post about that sometime in the next few days, and also about what makes a good conference. So, definitely some substantive stuff coming. And definitely some funny stuff. I get back to school late tomorrow night. And then... content! I'll also take requests. :)