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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

What's Up?

Okay. I've gotten a handful of e-mails over the past couple of weeks asking me what I'm going to be doing after law school. And I haven't been completely forthcoming on here, at first so as not to jinx anything, and then mostly because I didn't really know how to write about this stuff without it being too self-promotional and uncomfortable. But it's been mentioned in some other places, and now I just feel kind of weird that I haven't said anything on here, and I feel like it's making me tiptoe around what I post, which is silly. So, anyway, since the New York Times article about Anonymous Lawyer ran in December, I've been fortunate to get an opportunity to write a novel based on the Anonymous Lawyer character, and, at least for the short-term, that's what I'll be working on after law school, and then hopefully some other opportunities will emerge, or if they don't, I'll figure it out from there. So that's answer to the "what are you doing after law school?" question.

Part of why I went to the LexThink conference (which I will write more about sometime this week) was to meet some lawyers, and see if I could pick up on some things that would be interesting to think about for the Anonymous Lawyer project. But listening to them talking about various aspects of the legal profession got me thinking about some stuff, and I have some ideas I want to sit down and try to sort through in writing, and some other random post ideas... so all that's coming.

But first, some marginally offensive throwaway stuff like this:

The Best Two Rejected New York Post Headlines I Can Come Up With For The Morning After The Pope Died

1. "Pope? Nope!"
2. "John Paul-Bearers"