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Saturday, May 21, 2005

All-Request II

"Any suggestions for cheap eats while in law school?"

Well, I guess that depends on the law school and what's around, and maybe this is a better question for Waddling Thunder, who may want to chime in.

The cheapest eat is actually cooking your own food. Which may mean living in a place that's more expensive (i.e., not a dorm), so it may end up being a net neutral on cost. But if you're living with a kitchen anyway, then the best cheap eats are buying the ingredients and making it yourself.

But that's probably not what you were asking. At Harvard, here's what I found that wasn't badly priced:

>>Burritos are a pretty good deal, and pretty filling. I find they get boring kinda fast though. More than once a week or so and it gets kind of nauseating. A little.

>>I found a decently cheap (~$6) Japanese noodle place that made some tasty stuff, and was nice and warm for when it was cold outside.

>>Kraft Easy Mac is pretty cheap, yet awfully good, and ridiculously easy to make.

>>Getting a job as a non-resident tutor in one of the undergrad houses and getting a handful of free dining hall meals a week also helped save on food. Obviously an idiosyncratic solution depending on what your school has in place like this, if anything.

>>Join lots of student organizations that serve food at their meetings and you can eat pretty cheaply.

>>Law firm recruiting events often had good appetizer-ish food that you could fill up on and make a meal out of, often at nice restaurants you weren't going to be going out to anyway because they cost too much.

>>Sometimes lectures had food. Lectures are boring, but you can go, get the food, and then leave.

>>We had a couple of professors known for bringing food to class. Might be a reason to choose those classes, if you're really desperate.

>>Occasionally after there was an event with food, the leftover food would be left in the room for a little while until food services came to clean up. This is not the greatest idea if you want to avoid eating food that's been sitting out too long and/or half-eaten already, but, hey, sometimes you may find a brownie or two that the rats haven't gotten too yet.

>>I hear acorns are a decent source of fiber.