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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Exam funnies.

A friend at Boalt passed along this e-mail he received:

Dear students:

It has come to my attention that many of you are disregarding the
DOWN until told to begin the exam. It has been reported to me that many
of you are not only reading the cover page of the exam but have actually
been turning to the first page and reading the first page of the exam..

I must remind you that any of you who have done this have violated the
Honor Code.

Please remember to follow the proctors' directions exactly and to the
letter. Do not start reading your exam until told to do so and do not
continue writing at the end after time has been called. We will be
monitoring compliance with these rules very carefully during the second
week of finals.

And this morning, an e-mail was sent 17 minutes before my exam started that said:

I believe that I was unclear about what types of outlines were permitted in the exam. Therefore, I will allow all outlines, even ones that you did not prepare or participate substantially in preparing. The registrar will make an announcement to that effect at the beginning of the exam. I apologize for creating confusion on this point.
The registrar did not make such an announcement (or maybe he did, before I arrived -- I don't know), and I got the e-mail when I got home. Didn't make a difference, but still, kind of funny.