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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Fifteen Things To Do The Remainder of the Day, After An Exam, When You Really Can't Focus on Doing All That Much

1. Burn all your notes from the exam you just took.
2. Test out all the highlighters on your desk to see which ones you can throw out and which ones you should bring home.
3. Listen to that Lionel Richie CD you spent three dollars on when you weren't thinking straight, and don't really want to listen to, but you figure you may as well.
4. Realize you kind of like the Lionel Richie CD, sad as that may be.
5. Read the Entertainment Weekly Summer Movie Preview to see which movies you want to see. Read the Entertainment Weekly Winter Movie Preview to see which movies you should have seen. Read the Entertainment Weekly Foreign Movie Preview to see which movies you're never going to see.
6. Realize the Lionel Richie CD makes a good soundtrack when reading old issues of Entertainment Weekly.
7. Download the last two episodes of Desperate Housewives and watch them, even though you really couldn't care less who killed Mary Alice and why there are twenty-seven main characters but only ten of them appear in any given episode.
8. Start a new anonymous weblog.
9. Research different address book software online to see which one is going to be least annoying to everyone in my Outlook address book when they get an e-mail from me asking for their contact information.
10. Alphabetize your shirts by color.
11. Daydream about what you're going to do with the $7.23 you're going to get back from the bookstore when you sell back your used books.
12. Count the pile of change you've been collecting for the past year, even though you're just going to throw it all into a Coinstar machine anyway.
13. Throw out some old cheese that you should have thrown out a few weeks ago.
14. Consolidate two half-empty bottles of laundry detergent into one, even though one of them has added bleach alternative and one doesn't.
15. Consolidate the glass cleaner with the bathroom cleaner, even though for all you know that's going to create an explosion, or, at best, something that cleans nothing particularly well and just leaves soapy residue on everything, but, hey, you only live once.

For added fun: I actually did five of these things this afternoon. Can you guess which five? Winner (or anyone really) can have my Legal Profession rules book, if you want it, since the bookstore surely won't take it back since there'll be a new edition next year.