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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

How to waste an afternoon in Brooklyn

1. Get on the subway.
2. Space out and miss your stop.
3. Get off at the next stop but instead of just taking the subway back one stop, decide to walk through Prospect Park back to where you should have gotten off, since it's a nice day.
4. Walk sort of the wrong way through the park, and end up not really all that close to where you live.
5. Find a subway station and realize you're three stops away from where you want to be.
6. Wait 45 minutes for a train, until the subway worker finally comes onto the platform and says there's been a derailment and no train is coming.
7. Walk home in the end anyway.

Total time my trip home should have taken: 25 minutes.
Total time it actually took: 2.5 hours.