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Monday, May 16, 2005

I feel like I'm dealing with the Mafia to get a new bed -- a family friend is a furniture wholesaler, so I got in touch with them and I'm getting a good deal I think -- but they called me this afternoon, and they're like, "Look, we're gonna save you the tax, but we need the money in cash. But don't give it to the delivery guys. Give it to your grandma, in a blank envelope, and she'll get it to us. Just sign the invoice when they deliver it, ignore the tax. Ignore the tax, Ignore the tax, IGNORE THE TAX GODDAMIT."

I called Comcast this morning to cancel my cable up at school, and the customer service woman wanted to have a conversation with me. All I want to do is cancel my cable.

"Why do you want to cancel it?"
"I moved."
"To where?"
"New York."
"Oh. I used to live in New York. What do you do?"
"I just graduated from law school."
"I always wanted to go to law school. It's exciting, right?"
"Sort of."
"What kind of classes did you take?"
"All kinds. Contract law."
"Oh. We have some complicated contracts here."
"I'm sure you do."
"I swear, I wasn't just saying I wanted to go to law school. I really do."
"That's great."

Finally, finally, finally she stopped. I mean, I know her job must suck, and it must make it better to talk to people, but all I wanted was my cable cancelled and didn't need to be making a new friend over at Comcast. I'm sorry, she seemed like a nice person, but, no, not what I wanted. I think she liked me though. She said she was giving me a $1.13 credit. Sweet.