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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Responses so far to my post below about grocery store foods to try:

"Celery root. Thick-sliced and roasted. Sweeter and mellower than traditional celery stalks. I learned about this popular european vegetable in a cooking class. Apparently celery is grown to build up either the stalk or the root, and some european cultures (especially German) much prefer the root. Roast it with other root veggies: parsnips and rutabegas."

"don't know if you can get 'em in ny, but i absolutely love these chips called "red hot blues" made by "the garden of eatin'." i get them from target."

"If you like creamy, try triple cream brie. Best cheese ever."

"If you like tart, try starfruit, whenever you can find it."

"Dunno if you like wasabi, but if you do, you should try wasabi peas. They are quite addictive."