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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

So apparently Dave Chappelle is having some trouble. This article on talks about how he's gone to South Africa, stopped taping on his show, and left Comedy Central in the lurch. His $50 million contract has ratcheted up the pressure, and he's having trouble. Seems kind of understandable. It's hard when there are expectations, and he's only human. The article's interesting. I feel like it's easy to forget people like that are real people, with real struggles.

Of course, then there are jerks. I think this Boston Globe column blasting Chappelle for feeling 'stressed' is pretty unpleasant. She writes, "Now, Chappelle is as heavy a hitter on Comedy Central as Jon Stewart on "The Daily Show" and Cartman on "South Park," but he's feeling too put upon to continue, at least for the moment. Well, you know what, Dave -- you weren't feeling too stressed to sign that reported $50 million deal, even though you say it took you months to decide. If nothing else, that gives him 50 million very good reasons to return to work."

I mean, yeah, it's really a ridiculous amount of money, but it's not like he's done anything evil -- I'm sure he doesn't see the money if there's no episodes of the show to air. He's hurting his reputation and his career with all this press about him being in drug rehab, or mentally ill, or just too 'stressed' to continue. It's pretty clear from the articles I've seen that he's having real difficulties. What point does it make to belittle him? I just don't think it's all that civil.

Not sure why the column struck a nerve.