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Friday, May 27, 2005

Speaking of adulthood, sort of... there's an article in today's New York Times that I find slightly bizarre. Ostensibly it's about how movie attendance is down this year. Personally, I'd blame that on the movies -- I've gone to the movies much less this year, just because there hasn't been anything I've wanted to see. The article does that in part, but also blames it on other entertainment. I did a double-take when I read this though:

Jill Nightingale, 37, who works at IGN Entertainment in ad sales, is the type of moviegoer - older, female and important to studios - that "Bewitched" should appeal to. But video games increasingly have taken up time she otherwise might spend watching television or going to the movies. The last two theater showings she said she attended were "Star Wars" and "Sideways," which she viewed in December.

She plays a video game for 30 minutes each night before bed.

Did this woman really want her name in the New York Times saying she plays video games? Do 37-year-olds play video games? I guess it's an unfair judgement I'm making, since there's nothing necessarily worse about a video game than watching TV or being online or (gasp) reading (?? I don't think I really believe that ??), but I don't know. Although there's a new book that got reviewed by the Times last week (Everything Bad Is Good For You) that claims video games help people be smarter (sort of -- I haven't read the book so I don't know exactly what it says), so maybe it's me who's being bizarre by not playing video games. Anyway, that just caught my eye so I figured I'd flag it.