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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Two exams down, one to go (Friday), and then I'll be done with law school.

Someone e-mailed me asking for the apartment-hunting advice I received. Courtesy of Melissa, here's 28 questions to think about:

1. Laundry facilities - how many machines and where are they located.
2. Exactly what utilities are included in the rent.
3. If utilities aren't included, how much they typically cost (make sure to get estimates for both winter and summer).
4. If there's A/C in the unit, and what kind (window or central).
5. You need to ask if the building is wired for cable, and you could also ask if the building has its own high-speed internet service.
6. If there are any common facilities - lounge, fitness room, mailroom, etc.
7. Check out to make sure the common areas are kept reasonably neat and in good condition.
8. Is there a place that packages go to, or are they left on the door steps.
9. If all the windows open.
10. What's due upfront in terms of payment.
11. How long a lease the landlord is expecting.
12. The procedure for repairs or other problems.
13. Whether the building is all apartments or condos. If it's condos, whether most people that live there own or rent.
14. How old the appliances are.
15. Check to see if it comes w/ a microwave - a decent amount of places do.
16. Water pressure.
17. Dishwasher, disposal, fireplace, balcony.
18. Check the ceilings for signs of leaking.
19. Kind of flooring.
20. Can the walls be painted if you want.
21. Make sure you can fit your stuff, both into the apartment, and up the stairs and through the doorways.
22. Definitely check out closet space.
23. Ask if there's basement storage.
24. Does it come w/ parking (even if you don't have a car, maybe you could rent the spot).
25. Is subletting allowed.
26. Check the windows to see if the paint is peeling which might be a sign that they're drafty. Also just check to make sure they don't look old and drafty.
27. Try to check out the current tenant and neighbors. They might give you an idea if you're the type of person that might like the building.
28. As the number of blocks - not minutes - to the subway. People always underestimate minutes.