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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

vague question for readers

You can ignore this if you're looking for real content. But in case this is anyone's favorite subject to offer advice about...

If you were looking for an apartment in New York, say $1800-$2000/month or so for a two-bedroom, perhaps in Park Slope or somewhere like that (or are there better places to be looking?), near an express train so you're 10-12 minutes or so to get into Manhattan and not much longer, what kinds of things would you think about? This is intentionally vague because I have no idea what kind of thoughts people might have.

Things I'm thinking about, so far, after seeing a few places today --

--not too much noise outside
--apartment doesn't seem like it's infested with creatures
--can picture it, with furniture, being comfortable to be in
--building seems like it will not fall over to one side sometime soon
--not scary location
--don't need to walk through both bedrooms to get from living room to kitchen
--some light
--some electrical outlets

Thing I know nothing about and should just ask --

--can any building get high-speed Internet if one calls up the high-speed Internet people, or is this is a thing I need to really ask about right away?