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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Wow, I got a lot more apartment-hunting advice than I expected. Thanks! The tips about checking cell phone reception, water pressure, and for peeling paint seemed especially helpful. And... I signed a lease for an apartment today in Park Slope, a 2-bedroom with a friend of mine I'll be sharing the place with. It should be cool. The last I'll say about apartment-hunting is a top ten list...

Eleven Warning Signs This Is Not A Good Apartment To Rent

1. The toilet is in the kitchen.
2. The kitchen is in the toilet.
3. No windows; also, no doors.
4. Bedroom fits a twin-sized... crib.
5. Unclear which is closet and which is living room.
6. Not allowed to place anything on the walls. Or on the floor.
7. Ad described "hole in the wall," and, yes, there is one.
8. Carbon monoxide detector won't stop beeping; carbon dioxide detector does not beep at all.
9. You can see the passing cars from your window; you can also touch them.
10. The roaches scatter when the lights come on, and, now that they can see the place, they never come back. (Thanks to Justin for this one and #9)
11. No roof.