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Monday, June 06, 2005

Got my spring term grades this afternoon. Someone wrote me in an e-mail, "I'm so glad I stopped buying casebooks." I didn't quite go that far, but, really, this is kind of a farce. I propose this challenge for a brave law school administrator: find a handful of your more successful (but not necessarily most successful) students. Have them, armed with the casebook, an outline easily found on the Internet, and maybe an hour of advance warning, secretly take exams in classes they aren't signed up for, with sufficient motivation to try and do well (a couple hundred bucks for an A?), have the exams unknowingly graded by professors in the normal stack, and see what grades they get. I'd bet they'd do just fine. And I think that's a problem. Yes, the point of going to class is to learn, not to necessarily succeed on the exam, but come on, it's kind of silly.