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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Here's a NY Times article about greenmarkets with a picture of Fidel Castro picking flowers. This article is pretty pointless. Here's a "recipe" for tomatoes on a plate. "Put salt and pepper on a plate or platter, drizzle on olive oil and sherry wine vinegar, place thick slices of tomatoes on top, and repeat the layering." Cooking is complicated, eh? Also, the article is racist. "And all Asian cucumbers make good pickles, because they have thinner skins." Also, "The Korean cucumbers are crispier, the Japanese ones are juicier..., and the Armenian ones have the thinnest skins." Those Armenians. Can't take them anywhere, especially to the greenmarket. Also, some corn porn: "if you run your hand tightly down the outside, you just want to feel a uniform cob, with no indentations and skips." "Heat is the enemy," Mrs. Smith said. Good advice. Thanks, Mrs. Smith.