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Thursday, June 16, 2005

I want to once again recommend the new book "In The Shadow of the Law" by Kermit Roosevelt. I went to the book reading tonight, and what was good when I read it on the page really came alive when read aloud, and was funny and insightful and crisp. And the author seemed like a heck of a nice guy (especially for a law professor). I do think all law students and young lawyers will find the book at least interesting, if not more.

I read another new book yesterday, called "Maybe a Miracle," by Brian Strause. It's coming out from Ballantine in the fall. It's about a high school senior who rescues his sister from drowning in the family swimming pool, but not quickly enough to prevent her from slipping into a coma. The family has to cope with the crisis, his mother turns to religion, his father starts to withdraw, and he struggles to make sense of the strange events that unfold. It's a good read, without a doubt. The author has a good voice, it's very engaging, and even though it begins to lag about two-thirds of the way in, the ending saves it, and I ended up really liking it. For a novel. :) Bonus points because there's some baseball talk in it.