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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Inefficient New York Subway Routes

1. To get from Grand Central to Times Square, take the 6 down to Canal, then switch to the Q and take it up to Times Square.

2. To get from Chambers Street to Yankee Stadium, take the 2 up to 180th street in the Bronx, switch to the 5, take that back to 59th, then the N to 34th, and get on the D, express, and it goes right to the stadium.

3. To get from Washington Square Park to Kennedy Airport, take the A, C, or E to Port Authority, take a bus to Boston's South Station, take the Red Line to Park Street, switch to the Green to Government Center, take the Blue Line to Airport, the shuttle bus to Logan, and board a flight direct to JFK.

4. Take the F.