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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Monday begins Restaurant Week in New York. Restaurant Week, as The New York Times explains, is a promotion where 201 participating restaurants offer three-course lunches for $20.12 and dinner for $35. Which, because this is New York, is a decent discount off normal prices and not a bad deal. According to the article, some restaurants skimp on portion size and ingredient quality to make up the difference.

Due to the success of Restaurant Week, other industries are following suit. Here are nine of the most interesting attempts:

1. Bus Week. Thirty cents a ride; bus never stops.

2. Tooth Week. Participating dentists offer 20% off a full set of dentures, except they're missing some teeth and don't quite fit.

3. Stamp Week. First-class mail costs 14 cents but never gets there.

4. Church Week. No collection plate, but no prayers get answered.

5. Bridge Week. Half-price tolls, but no more suspension wires to keep the bridge up. Oops.

(Thanks to Jesse for the idea for this post, which was a really good idea that I'm executing kinda poorly.)