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Saturday, June 25, 2005

The New York Times Magazine has a dumb chart here. The article is about television and politics, and lists the top 3 TV shows for summer 2004 among Republicans and Democrats.

1. Last Comic Standing
2. Everybody Loves Raymond
3. JAG

1. Last Comic Standing
2. Will & Grace
3. Law & Order

At first glance, I was a bit surprised. Last Comic Standing wasn't very good -- and it got cancelled last summer. How could it be the #1 show among Republicans AND Democrats, and get cancelled? But then I realized the graph said "summer." Last summer everything else on the chart was in reruns, and Last Comic Standing had new episodes. I imagine new episodes of most anything will beat reruns even of good shows. So it's a useless chart because it's measuring new episodes of one thing versus reruns of everything else, so it tells us nothing. Last Comic Standing surely wasn't the #1 show of the year for Republicans and Democrats. Why they didn't expand the time frame and have a chart that actually had some meaning, I'm not quite sure.