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Saturday, June 25, 2005

OK, Batman doesn't have superpowers, and that makes him different.

One reader wrote to defend the movie against my brutal attack:

I have no choice but to defend Batman Begins against some serious distortions of the truth you made on your blog. You see, Bruce Wayne doesn't "get superpowers," as if he's bitten by a bat and that somehow changes his DNA. He faces his inner demons, conquers his fear through that extended sequence in Asia in the beginning of the film. It's what sets this film apart from all the previous Batman films and pretty much any other superhero film today, including Spiderman. This film, for once, isn't so much about how Bruce Wayne becomes Batman and how he acquires his gadgets - although they do cover that -rather, it's about how Bruce Wayne the boy grows up to become an instrument for justice/vigilantism, through the symbol of Batman, all the while developing a cover behind Bruce Wayne, the playboy billionaire. In fact, I thought this film was the only Batman film out of the last 5 that didn't focus on Batman as if that were a be-all, end-all for stopping crime in Gotham City. For once, this film focused on the man behind the mask, and didn't give the audience a shallow, perfunctory trauma-spurs-revenge flashback and then onto some more explosions and fight scenes. But hey, you didn't like it, no big whoop.

See, I give equal time. :)