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Monday, June 27, 2005

Yesterday I went with my mom to see James Taylor in concert at the PNC Arts Center in New Jersey. He gives a good concert. Pretty impressive that his voice is in such good shape despite doing this for 30+ years. It was a really enjoyable concert. Good arrangements of his hits, a really nice horn section, a really good sound mix so you could actually hear the words, and a good selection of songs. He sang one song, "Frozen Man," that's a really cool song about a century-old man found frozen in the arctic who, in the song, wakes up and reflects on his life. But in his intro he said that over the years he's realized that it's really just as much about his father, and being emotionally "frozen." Nice song. I wish he'd done more off his more recent albums -- there was one song from each of his last three albums, I think -- but given his catalog of hits, it must be pretty hard to get it down to a 25 song playlist and still keep it interesting for him to play. He didn't do "You've Got A Friend" or "Shower The People" but I think all of the other big ones were accounted for -- "Sweet Baby James," "How Sweet It Is," "Carolina on My Mind," "Fire and Rain." He said in the intro to one of the songs that it often takes him a while to figure out what his songs are really about. That's cool. In an interview I've heard him say they come to him and he just sort of channels them. I've had that feeling writing too, sometimes, but not often enough lately. It's a cool feeling. It's interesting to think that there's words and music floating out in the ether somewhere, just waiting to be plucked out. Cool concert. Beautiful weather too.