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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Apparently a New York mayoral candidate, C. Virginia Fields, sent out a doctored photo to supporters, replacing a white couple with a stock photo of an Asian couple in order to show broader ethnic and racial support for her campaign. Because everyone knows that the best way to illustrate genuinely broad support for your campaign is with an ethnically diverse campaign advertisement.

It has been discovered that this is just the latest in a series of doctored photos released by the Fields campaign:

*The photo of Fields digging survivors out from under the collapsed building on New York's upper west side is actually a composite of Fields at home tending to her garden superimposed on an image of the rescue scene.

*The photo of Fields at the Gay Pride Parade is actually a photo of Fields at her desk, superimposed under a picture of a colorful shirt.

*The photo of Fields crossing the Potomac with George Washington actually appears to be a photo illustration and should not be taken as a factual depiction of actual events.

*The photo of Fields tied to a cross and being lashed by a whip is actually a promotional still from The Passion of The Christ

*The photo of Fields planting a flag on the surface of the moon, however, appears to be genuine.