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Monday, July 18, 2005

Cool article about a woman reading her nanny's blog.


Instead of opening a dialogue, I monitored her online life almost obsessively. I would log on upstairs to see if she was simultaneously posting entries below me on her laptop while the baby was napping. Too often she was.

Wait a second. You're upstairs, the nanny's downstairs, the baby's napping. Maybe I don't understand the whole concept of a nanny, but if you're actually in the house, why do you need a nanny? Or is the whole point that you're rich enough to pay for someone to take care of your kids even when you're perfectly able to do it yourself?

Update: the blog in question is here and the author writes a response to the article. A very interesting post here. This is interesting. Read it. I may have thoughts later, but nothing much to say now except that it's interesting.