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Thursday, July 28, 2005

FYI. The California Bar approved items list, as sent to me. Pretty funny.

#3 is bizarrely worded.
#8 is interesting.
I don't know what #18 is.
#20 is really strange.

And I'd want to see someone bring ear plugs and then put hearing aids on over them to compensate. :)


Only the following items are allowed into the test centers without prior approval:

1. The examination materials distributed
2. Pencils or pens
3. Silent analog watches, timers and clocks not measuring larger than 4"X4" inches or smaller
4. Rulers
5. Paper clips
6. Highlighters
7. Back Support
8. Up to two pillows without cases
9. One book stand
10. One foot rest
11. Splints
12. Braces
13. Inhalers
14. Crutches
15. Wheelchairs
16. Casts
17. Hearing aids
18. TENS Units
19. Eyeglasses
20. Ear plugs or plastic material normally associated with the sport of swimming
21. Feminine hygiene items
22. Medicine
23. Wallets