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Friday, July 15, 2005

Hooking Up is a new 5-part documentary on ABC that premiered Thursday night, following a bunch of women in New York who use online dating sites. The link is to a NY Times article about it. From the article:

In brief narration in the voice of a dater we learn, "With 40 million Americans hooking up online, there's got to be someone out there for me." But that statistic is the end of the program's pedantry. After that, we're up close and personal with a dozen successful, attractive New York women, ages 25 to 38, as they condemn men, idolize men, tire of men and try again.

The show's compelling, in a way that feels really sleazy. The whole thing is actually really sad. One woman says followed by the show says, "I'm looking for a husband. This isn't supposed to be fun."

One of the women, a 36-year old gynecologist named Lisa, gives out a fake name to her dates, won't provide a picture, and won't tell them what she does for a living. She says it's to protect herself, because as a doctor she doesn't want people seeing her face on an Internet dating site and knowing she does this. She goes on a date *with another doctor* and still refuses to tell him she's a doctor too. Yet she's admitting it all ON NATIONAL TELEVISION. How concerned with her privacy can she really be? Is this not just a little inconsistent?