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Sunday, July 10, 2005

I saw "Bewitched" last night. Despite less-than-stellar reviews, I thought it was fun. >Rotten Tomatoes shows that 25% of the reviews are positive, but even the positive ones are pretty lackluster:

"Great open, really great first act, far into the second act this is a strong production. It's light and airy, fun at every turn. Unfortunately, it slips during last 3rd."

"What keeps Bewitched just barely out of the summer slush pile is its sense of light-hearted fun."

"You may be more bothered and bewildered than bewitched by this spoof-remake of the classic TV series."

And those are the good ones.

More Rotten Tomatoes fun -- here's a pair of review blurbs that are hard to tell apart:

"As far as ill-advised Nicole Kidman vehicles... are concerned, the nicest thing one can say about Bewitched is that it's an improvement over The Stepford Wives."

"The nicest thing you can say about Bewitched is that it's better than The Stepford Wives."

Oh well. Sometimes I just like movies no one else does.