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Monday, July 04, 2005

A random walk through the Conviser Mini Review

No, I'm not actually studying for the bar yet. But I've got this big book everyone is telling me is completely useless, so I figured I should at least try and wring some humor from it.

"incompetents... cannot be principals." Tell that to my elementary school.

The right to counsel in New York is called the Arthur-Hobson rule. According to Amazon, some guy named Arthur Hobson wrote a book called "Yorkshire Folk at Home." It's currently unavailable and its binding is unknown.

A special prosecutor is an inferior officer, under the Ethics in Government Act. Looks like the Ethics in Government Act is mostly about filing reports, and not filing false ones. That's less interesting than I imagined it could be.

An acronym for remembering when a writing is not required in the statute of frauds context is SWAP. Specially made goods; Written confirmation by merchant; Admission in court; Performance. An acronym for remembering the answers to the first ten questions of the bar exam is ACCDBAABCA.

Exam Tip: For purposes of the multistate bar exam, exclusion of minorities is about the only defect sufficient to quash a grand jury indictment. In case you were wondering.

Exam Tip: Bring lots of pencils.

Negative covenants touch and concern the land if they restrict the holder of the servient estate in his use of that parcel of land. Example sentence: Although the covenant barring the priest from touching and concerning the children continues to touch and concern the land, the priest has stopped touching and concerning the children and instead merely touches himself, while on the land, which concerns his neighbors.

"Deed in Chain" just released its latest album, "Imparting Constructive Notice."

A lapse occurs when a beneficiary of a gift in a will dies before the testator. So, if you leave your Lhasa Apso to your aunt, a lapsed Catholic, and she dies before you do, there is a lapse regarding the Lhasa Apso and your lapsed-Catholic aunt, whose lap you used to sit on when you were little.