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Monday, July 25, 2005

State Bar Quirks

Matt Astle has a post about the Virginia Bar:

Dress for all applicants shall conform to the standards suitable for a lawyer appearing in a court of record, i.e., a suit or jacket and tie for males, and a suitable dress or suit (pantsuits are acceptable) for females; however, applicants are encouraged to wear shoes with soft soles, such as tennis or athletic shoes, to reduce noise and resulting disturbances to other applicants.

That's right. I'll be wearing a suit, tie, and tennis shoes.

And one reader e-mailed me saying:

In both PA and NJ, the ‘quiet snack’ rule specifies that the snacks be a) unwrapped (I’m assuming because of noise and not because they think someone will write stuff on the inside of the wrappers) and b) small (they give gum and mints as examples).

This has all made me really, really curious. Tell me the quirky rules of your state's bar exam. I'll compile them all into a big fun post when this is all done. Virginia's suit thing is bizarre. The "unwrapped candy" rule is pretty bizarre too. Are there more?