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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Tepid fun with marginal bits of law in the Conviser Mini Review, Part I

From the Wills section: "A person who has been absent without explanation for a continuous period of three years during which, after diligent search, she has not been seen or heard from is presumed to have died three years after the date she disappeared. If the person was exposed to a specific peril, it may be determined she died less than three years after her disappearance."

STEVE: "Haven't heard from her in three years. Guess she's dead."
JANET: "Yeah, haven't from her in three years, since she went into that shark tank wearing a necklace of beef. Guess she's dead."
STEVE: "Yeah, guess she's dead."
JANET: "Guess we can distribute her property now."
STEVE: "Yeah, guess so."