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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Okay, I hate this set of Bar/Bri New York Bar Exam books on my floor. It's a complete set. They're two years old, but I don't think much (if anything) has changed. A few of them have some highlighting, but most of them are pretty much unopened. One book has a few pages torn out of it, but, really, there are a dozen books, so it's not a big deal. I'll throw in all of the lecture notes I have -- a complete set from someone who took it two years ago, and most of the notes from this past year, plus a couple of random outlines. You pay shipping (they're heavy, so this isn't negligible, but I can't imagine it's all that much) plus $20 for the effort for me to bring them to a place that ships plus a promise to buy my Anonymous Lawyer book when it comes out, or, if you want to come get them from me, you pay me $5 (and the book-buying promise) so I can at least say I didn't give them away. This is the entire Bar/Bri class for virtually no money.

First dibs to anyone who wants to come get them, but, barring anyone who does, first one to e-mail that they want 'em gets 'em, unless someone has an idea for why I should keep them that I haven't come up with ("You might fail the exam" doesn't count -- if I failed, and if I choose to take it again, I'm blaming the books and trying something that isn't Bar/Bri).

Alternatively, if someone wants to pay me money to post photographs of the Bar/Bri books destroyed, I'll consider that option too. I can take suggestions for methods of destruction -- rolled over by a car, burned, etc -- and take pictures, and post the pictures online. That sounds like it would be fun, but a fair bit of work. On the other hand, if anyone thinks that really sounds like fun, and wants my books for the purpose of creatively destroying them, taking pictures, and then letting me post the pictures on my site, you can have the books for that, for free.