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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Stockholm, Day Three

Today was Vasa Museum day. Everyone who e-mailed me about Stockholm said to see the Vasa Museum. It's in Djurgarden, which is a short ferry ride away. Or a short walk back, as we discovered later. There's an amusement park there too, but we skipped it. Before heading to Vasa, we ate in a pizza place, where I had a pizza with herring, banana, pineapple, scallion, curry, cheese, and tomato sauce. It was better than it sounds. I wanted the most interesting thing I could find on the menu. Ham and sausage wasn't going to do it for me. I'm glad I took the risk.

Then we went on the ferry, which was filled with little kids going to the amusement park. Before we found Vasa, we found this free wooden boat museum, and we poked around there for a bit. There were Pine Clankers and Gigs and Pleasure Craft and War Craft and Pettersson Boats (according to the placard, you can never be sure if a Pettersson boat is a real Pettersson). There was a boat called the Bris with a red accent on the tip.

The Vasa Museum is huge. Vasa was a boat from the 1600s that sank, and then in the 1900s they found it and restored it and made a museum. There was a film, and a slideshow, and exhibits about life in 1620s Sweden.... The slideshow was a bit funny. The narrator said, about the ship's captain and builder and passengers: "We have no idea what these people looked like." A few moments later, the slideshow tries to reconstruct the trial after the ship sank. "The captain spoke first. Perhaps he looked like this." And then a picture of a funny looking man with a handlebar moustache comes up on the slide. Wait a second. You just said you have no idea what they looked like. So you're just guessing. So why not put up a picture of a monkey or something.

After Vasa, we had Korv for dinner. I had Chorizo. I don't know if that's Swedish or not. ;)