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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A response to the response below (if this is getting confusing...):

i am sorry that you are having a tough time finding a job after law school, and i hope that you find something soon. but you are making a lot of assumptions about my situation and i'd like to address them. first, you say that "people who are in a terrific situation sometimes forget how difficult it is for people who are trying to find their niche in the professional world." yes, i did go to big name schools, but i also graduated from said big name college without a job and struggled for months to find a job, any job. furthermore, while i readily acknowledge that having good educational credentials does make some things easier, i must tell you that i -- and many many of my friends with similar schooling -- are having a very difficult time finding our niche as well. i presently find myself hopeful and happy about my professional future, but this is a state of mind that i have come to only through sheer force of will, after about 6 months at work which involved crying every day, a complete loss of appetite, etc. in short, it was complete misery and i would not wish it on anyone.

you say that you "see a lot of people stuck in bad, dead end jobs and its very sad." i would say precisely the same thing of many of the people i know at big law firms. many of them leave the law altogether because the megafirms are so impersonal and straight out mean. there are many people who, when hearing someone make 6 figures complain, say hurtful things like "stop whining, you are making a lot of money." we are all entitled to our own opinions and if we are unhappy, we have the right to say so. the huge salary i was being paid during those 6 months, during which i was so miserable that i would spontaneously start crying while just sitting on the subway, did not make an ounce of difference. it saddens me greatly when people respond to others' unhappiness so coldly. if someone is unhappy in their life, my first response is to try to comfort them, not to criticize the validity of their pain.

anyway, i do wish you the best of luck.