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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I just saw a commercial for Nicolas Cage's new movie, "The Weatherman," calling it "the first must-see film of the year." Uh, it's practically NOVEMBER. If this is the "first" must-see film of the year, and we're 10 months in, is there really any expectation that there'll be another one? Did this reviewer just forget what month it is? Did he think the film wasn't coming out until January? "First must-see film of the year" is a fine thing to say in January, February, maybe March. But on October 26th???

I stayed up to watch last night's 14-inning Astros-White Sox game, which ended at about 2:20 in the morning. The days I can use watching baseball games as an excuse not to be doing anything productive are rapidly ticking down.

The 6-hour baseball game capped an extraordinarily unproductive day for me... I spent a couple of hours in the morning taking advantage, for the first time, of my new health insurance. There's a wooden dumpster in front of my building where we throw our trash away, and it has a heavy wooden cover. On Monday afternoon I was balancing a couple bags of trash and my laundry, and wasn't being careful enough, and the wooden dumpster cover, wet from the rain, slipped from my hand and slammed down and caught the little finger on my left hand before I could pull it away. So I went to the doctor yesterday because it was kind of swollen and hard to bend, and it turns out there's a small fracture in it. Not a big deal at all, he just gave me a little splint to wear on the finger for the next two weeks or so, so it heals okay. He said if I hadn't come to him it probably would have healed fine anyway as long as I didn't slam it into anything again, but this way it's protected (and probably he gets more insurance payment). I'm realizing there's very little I do that requires the little finger on my left hand, actually. I type with about two fingers, so it doesn't even get in the way there. But, honestly, this dumpster story is pretty ridiculous. I want a better story to tell people, but I can't come up with one. Here's where I need your help. E-mail me cooler explanations for how I could have fractured my finger, so I actually have a good story to tell people that doesn't just sound stupid. Thanks.