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Thursday, November 10, 2005

According to the New York Times, too much e-mail can get hard to deal with. Choice quote:

Jeff Jaenicke, a supervisor at a financial institution, said e-mail can breed a touch of paranoia. When he sends an e-mail, he said, he finds himself scouring the message for goofs, or to see if the tone is right. If someone doesn't respond quickly enough, he said, insecurity kicks in. He chalks up one lost friendship to a political joke he sent to a friend, a Republican, during the Republican National Convention last year. "I tend to make jokes when I talk," he said. "I think I'm funny. But you look at e-mail - I'm not a writer - and it's completely different."

The bolding is my own doing. Maybe Mr. Jaenicke's friend will see the Times piece and they can have an emotional reconciliation. Maybe they can do a whole reality show about it or something.