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Monday, November 21, 2005

I had some neat food tonight. A friend of mine started this monthly thing where a bunch of us go try some unusual restaurant somewhere on the fringes of the city. Last month we ate Georgian food in Midwood, Brooklyn. Tonight we ate at Sripraphai (don't ask me how to pronounce that). It got two stars in the New York Times, which I guess it deserves, but I'd be able to make a better guess if I had any idea what the Times rating system is all about. But it was very good, certainly the best and most interesting Thai food I've ever had.

There were 9 of us, and we shared everything, so we got to try a whole bunch of really neat stuff. A sausage appetizer was really excellent, a fried watercress salad was really excellent, a catfish salad that had what was basically pulverized catfish on top was unrecognizable as catfish but very good. Papaya salad was good. We had a soup with some random meat and fish in it that was good. Choo-chee curry with tilapia was tremendously excellent, crispy pork was very good, drunken noodles were good. I can't remember the other dishes we had, but everything was really good and it's cheap and portions are big and it was definitely worth the trek into Queens on the 7 train.

They have a case filled with odd desserts, and we tried some strange ones. There was a pickled fruit thing that most of us didn't like, but I kinda liked it, so I ended up with the leftovers on that one. There was a preserved durian thing. Durian has a reputation for smelling terrible but tasting good, and the guy at the restaurant told my friend he wouldn't like it, but we got it anyway, and it did smell terrible, but it didn't seem to make up for it with the taste and most of it ended up wasted. But there was a really good pumpkin and coconut dessert, and some jelly-like dessert things that were neat.

So if you like Thai food, it's really different and good, and you should read the review and go.

And if anyone knows any other out-of-the-way interesting restaurants somewhere in the outer boroughs worth trying, let me know. Next month is my turn to pick one.