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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Okay, this is interesting to maybe five people, but a quick note on Theo Epstein again, as I just read something mindblowing on the Boston Globe's website. Larry Lucchino released a statement today saying in part:

I would like to respond to two specific points about which I have been asked. First, why did I not attend Theo’s press conference last Wednesday? I was actually preparing to do so, as an observer, when my boss, John Henry, expressed the preference that I not do so. Therefore, I watched the proceedings on NESN. When I heard John’s very complimentary and very generous remarks about me, I understood why he felt it might have been awkward for me to be in the room.

Um, maybe Lucchino was watching a different press conference. The reason Henry didn't want Lucchino there was because Lucchino was getting lambasted in the press for being the cause of Epstein leaving and he knew that having Lucchino there would cause the media to press on this and pummel Lucchino with questions about what happened. The "complimentary and very generous remarks" weren't anything compared to the complimentary and generous remarks Henry made about Epstein and were entirely to deflect criticism away from the team. If Lucchino really thinks the reason Henry didn't want him there was so that he wouldn't be made uncomfortable by Henry saying nice things about him... there's something screwed up in Lucchino's head. Bizarre.

Okay, no one cares about this except for me. Sorry. Moving on...