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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

While I was making some dinner I just watched a bit of Wheel of Fortune on TV. There was a pre-taped clip at the beginning -- "We taped this episode earlier this year, in one of our favorite cities, New Orleans. Please enjoy this episode and donate to the relief efforts." I'm paraphrasing. It was something like that. Or like this:

"We taped this episode earlier this year, in one of our favorite cities, New Orleans, and then we really freaked out when that hurricane hit, because even though we're a profits juggernaut, pulling in millions of dollars a year, we don't want to throw out episodes, and so we assigned a couple of interns to comb this thing really carefully for any unintended phrases that we might have to bleep out. And hopefully the audience won't notice that the prize totals don't add up because we had to completely excise the following puzzles: 'MOVIE: On the Waterfront,' 'PHRASE: All Washed Up,' 'PLACE: Convention Center,' 'GROUP: Federal Emergency Management Authority,' and 'BEFORE AND AFTER: Bridge Over Troubled Waterworld.' Also, the contestant introductions banter from Wednesday's show about the amateur swimmer, from Thursday's show about the guy who owns a canoe, and the clip from the end of Friday's show about how they've been flooded with mail all week. We've also cut that clip about the structural beauty of the levees and the joke we made about how the city wouldn't have enough buses to evacuate anyone in the case of a category five hurricane, because, you know, how could we predict. Anyway, enjoy the nine minutes of the episode we've been able to save, and stay tuned for next week's France Week, taped earlier this year."