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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year. Blogger has been very good to me. But I've decided to make the switch. For new posts, starting today:

Update your links/bookmarks. The archives will stay here for as long as Google keeps Blogger alive, and at some point relatively soon I will do some organization with them and turn this into a useful archive that's easy to navigate.

New site = Better site, I promise. Give it a chance. I'll see you over there.

Evan Schaeffer's done a fairly regular thing where he lists the sites who've mentioned him in the past x amount of time and thanked them. I'll do something similar with the link changes. So drop me a note if you're linking to the new site or posting about it, and I'll make sure to include you in that post. It's appreciated, really. I've been loathe to change for a long time because I worry about people never getting over to the new site. But I'll probably change the title bar here, and hopefully put in some cues to direct people... we'll see. Thanks for making the extra click. Hope you find it to be worth it.