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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Just some random stuff:

1. Reading lots of news articles that say the Red Sox may bring back Theo Epstein in some capacity. Cool. (see this article, if you're curious)

2. Read a book called "Saturday Night," by Doug Hill and Jeff Weingrad about the beginnings of Saturday Night Live -- basically a history of the first 10 years, with emphasis on the first 5 -- that was absolutely terrific. Bill Simmons recommended it in a recent column. It's great.

3. A reader e-mailed me asking why 1Ls get so stressed about law school. He posted his question and my answer on his blog. I checked out his blog and really liked it, so I figure instead of just pasting the Q&A here, I'll send you over there. It's nothing too surprising -- I figure you could probably come up with most of my answer without even reading it -- but in case you're looking for a 1L blog to read, his isn't a bad choice.

4. I got an e-mail to my Anonymous Lawyer account from a blogger over here writing as a 13-year-old ghost who's part of a "ghost family" in Maine. Interesting concept. Executed nicely. The writing makes me seriously doubt it's a 13-year-old writing it -- if it is, he's pretty darn talented -- but I was interested enough to scroll a bit down the page, so I figured I'd link.

5. And while I'm being generous with the links, Legal Affairs has a cool article about whether baseball owns its player statistics or not.

6. And, finally, if you can beat 232,000 on the addictive Frosty Flips, you've done better than me.