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Saturday, December 24, 2005

There's a Yahoo news story, "Small Groups Observe Tsunami Anniversary." I guess that's fine, but the wording seems funny to me. Tsunami Anniversary. What do you get a tsunami for its anniversary? The traditional 1-year anniversary gift is paper, but that definitely won't work, because it'll get all wet. I hope it doesn't get mad that I forgot the date and didn't get it anything. I wouldn't want to see a tsunami get mad.

Clearly seeing the Farrelly Brothers movie about the Special Olympics yesterday made me extra-stupid. Sorry.

Merry Christmas / Happy Hanukkah. I have a Hanukkah thing with my family on Monday, which should be fun. I found a box of little marzipan candies in the shape of Jewish things -- menorahs, jewish stars, hebrew letters -- to bring to my uncle's house.

My grandma asked me for a movie recommendation, to go see with a friend of hers today. She didn't want to see King Kong, so I recommended she see what I saw yesterday. It was that or Chronicles of Narnia, and I'm pretty sure she won't like that (despite the funny rap about it on last week's Saturday Night Live). Not sure if she'll really like "The Ringer." But I'm curious what her reaction will be. I expect, "Was the guy starring in it [Johnny Knoxville] really mentally disabled, or does he just seem that way?" to be her first question. "Why did you tell me to see this movie?" will probably be her second.

I hear President Bush is planning to throw out the first pitch at the Special Olympics. Nevermind. I'm still stupid today. There's probably a funny digital short in there somewhere -- the President digitally added to some scenes from The Ringer, I don't know.