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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Why didn't anyone ever tell me how easy this was? I was in the supermarket this afternoon, just getting some turkey and some cheese so I can have nice cheap lunch the next few days, and I was walking up the produce aisle and saw a whole display with bags of Ocean Spray fresh cranberries. I like cranberries. So I looked on the bag, and there was a recipe for cranberry sauce, and it just looked too ridiculously easy to be the case. Take a cup of water, mix it with a cup of sugar, boil it, throw in the cranberries, let them cook for a few minutes, and, amazing, cranberry sauce. So I was inspired to try this, because cranberry sauce is awesome and who would ever have guessed it could possibly be this easy to make? So I just did it, and, amazing, cranberry sauce. Just like that. It took like 3 songs on the CD I'm listening to (Amos Lee's self-titled album, which is very good, not that you asked), so, like 8 minutes, 9 minutes, nothing. Cleanup was easy, just rinsed the pot out. Why do people buy the cans of this stuff? This takes no time at all.

I'm getting into a bad habit where I'm making tiny impulse purchases the past few days, just to make my life exciting. Like the $2 bag of cranberries today, and, last night, I bought a tin of Thinking Putty online. It's like Silly Putty, but this site has it in 30 different colors. I bought the glow in the dark "Ice" color. I'll let you know if it's as much fun to play with while sitting at my desk trying to write as the site claims it will be, once it arrives. Tomorrow's impulse purchase is going to be a new umbrella, since my current umbrella is no longer operating properly, and I fear being caught in an umbrella-necessary situation. I guess that's less of an impulse purchase than a necessary real purchase. I'm bad at spending money, it all feels wasteful. Anyway. Back to my cranberry sauce.