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Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Had my new semester classes today. Well, the two required ones (the elective starts next Wednesday, but mine only meets on Mondays and Tuesdays, so I guess it doesn't start for almost 2 more weeks. I don't understand the scheduling quirks here.), Property and Torts. They seem fine. I can't figure out how to turn the alarm off my watch (I got it for free, so how much can I complain...) -- I had set it initially during exams as a backup, for 7:30 AM, but then it woke me up one morning after exams, so I changed it to 12:00 figuring I wouldn't care if it went off every day at noon. And I forgot about it. Until noon today, when I was sitting in class. It starts beeping. I immediately fumble around and press every button as fast as I can, simultaneously shutting off the beeping, starting the stopwatch, and resetting the seconds counter. Five minutes later it starts beeping again. I think I jumped. Pressed the buttons again. Realized that it's going to keep going off every 5 minutes until I let it beep for the full minute. I don't know why this is. So for the rest of class -- 4 more 5-minute cycles -- I was vigilant -- VIGILANT, I tell you -- about staring at my watch and watching the second count down until that 5-minute mark, and trying to intercept the beeping by pushing the buttons immediately. It went okay I guess, except that I was freaking out in my head. It's not a particularly loud alarm, and I'm in the back row (results of the random assigned seating lottery -- back row in both of my classes), so I'm guessing the professor didn't hear it anyway. And if he did, he doesn't know who we are yet anyway. But I really need to figure out how to shut this thing off, which combination of the 4 buttons needs to be pressed so this watch makes no noise ever again. Or I need to hit it with a hammer.