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Saturday, January 11, 2003

Mnemonic Devices for my Civil Procedure exam on Monday:

Rule: The four prerequisites for claim preclusion: Final judgment (F), on the Merits (M), same Claim (C), same Parties (P).
Mnemonic: FMCP. File Motions in Civil Procedure.

Rule: The three-part test for supplemental jurisdiction: same Transaction or occurrence (T), Allowed in section 1367 (A), court's Discretion (D).
Mnemonic: TAD. Tests Are Dastardly.

Rule: The discovery devices: Depositions (D), Interrogatories (I), Production of documents (P), physical and mental Examinations (E), requests for Admission (A).
Mnemonic: DIPEA. Did I Pray Enough Already?

Rule: The Rule 12(b) motions: lack of Subject matter jurisdiction (S), lack of Personal jurisdiction (P), Venue (V), insufficiency of Process (P), insufficiency of Service (S), failure to state a Claim (C), failure to join a Party (P).
Mnemonic: SPVPSCP. Some People, Very Productive Studiers, Can Pass