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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Next week is our flyout week, when 2Ls do their callback interviews. And so 2Ls and 3Ls don't have classes. So it's a week off.

I'm lucky enough to have a friend who's studying in London for the year, and so I found a cheap flight and I'm going to visit, since when else will I know someone in London, and have a week off to play with? I'm leaving this Thursday, and I'll be back next Wednesday. We've been e-mailing without any noticeable access difficulties on his part, so he's apparently got decent Internet availability, so I should be able to post stuff -- and it's super-fun to write about weird stuff in foreign places anyway (see my Paris posts from last December), and gives me a reason to keep my eyes open.

So that's what's on deck. A favor: tell me what to see and do. No concrete plans right now. I've heard good things about the Indian food, a street with cool old bookshops that I can't remember the name of, and this big clock people keep talking about. :) Also a suggestion that we take the bus to Oxford and wander around there, since it's cool. But I have no real clue beyond that, and haven't read the London guidebook yet that I bought for $2 off Amazon used. So I'm eager for suggestions. Assume I'm relatively poor, and not a huge fan of old paintings (although other art is cool sometimes). Anyone who e-mails me a suggestion gets a postcard. (I just came up with that idea! Not bad, eh?)