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Monday, July 18, 2005

The worst acronym I've come across from Bar/Bri so far -- and a couple of readers e-mailed me this yesterday, before I read my Wills outline today:


The list of Testamentary Substitutes:

T otten Trusts
S urvivorship Estates
L ifetime transfers
E mployee Benefits
G ifts
U S Government bonds
P owers of appointment

Not testamentary substitutes (LOGPIT):

L ife Insurance proceeds
half "O"f qualified pension benefits.
G ifts within $11,000 annual exclusions
P re-marriage irrevocable transfers
I rrevocable transfers made more than 1 year before death
T ransfers with retained life estate made before September 1, 1992

You know what, Bar/Bri? That's cheating. The "O" can't stand for "of." I'm sorry. You lose. You and your acronyms can go to hell. That's HELL:
H urled out the window
E rased from my memory
L eft for the garbage man, to end up in a
L andfill somewhere

How about some acronyms someone can actually remember? Want to know what lawyer ads can include? Remember YOU TOUCH KIDS:

Y our clients
O ffices you hold
U sual areas of practice

T eaching positions held
O rganizational memberships
U ndergraduate degree
C redit arrangements
H ourly rates

K nowledge of foreign languages
I nvolvement in group or prepaid legal services programs
D ate of admission to the bar
S et rates for specific services

Or how about the methods of delivering service of process? Just remember GONORRHEA:

G ive it directly to them
O rder of court
N ail to dwelling place and mail a copy
O fficer of corporation
R egular mail to place of business
R egular mail to last known residence plus affixed to door
H and to a corporate director
E x parte motion for alternative method
A gent designated to receive process

You happy now, Bar/Bri? (The sad thing is that I'm actually going to remember these things now that I've worked out acronyms for them.)